Wednesday, September 16, 2009

don't worry, be happy

It has come to my attention that some ineffable people are feeling cranky and down in the dumps today. We all have hard days sometimes. Well, I shouldn't say 'we' because, after all, I am an Uptown Girl and all of my days are glamorous and fantastic.

Anyway.... I have generously put together some reasons why you (yes YOU!!) should be happy today. Pay close attention and prepare yourself for a big sappy smile.

Reasons to smile:
  1. It isn't raining
  2. Unless you count dealing with roomies or spouses or children or pets, you can look forward to tonight when you will let your hair down for some quality alone time
  3. You get to read the best blog ever and it was updated today especially for you
  4. You haven't had a political debate or argument with your co-workers this week
  5. Your new business cards came in the mail and nothing is wrong with them. They even have your name spelled right
  6. DVR
  7. Your sugar free coffe-mate didn't add a lot of calories to your day/didn't negate your early morning workout like the cream+sugar in my coffee
  8. If you go to my gym, my friend Vic watches your butt as you workout and will tell you as you start to look more toned
  9. Kanye has never once stolen your thunder
  10. Your office nemesis is acting one degree warmer (that is one degree Fahrenheit)
  11. Your nails look gorgeous as does your hair
  12. Uptown Girl complimented your hair and nails... and that is a high honor... obvi
  13. Someone special loves you even more than he/she/it loves reading this here blogizzle, and that is obvi a tribute to your lovableness bc it is hard to tear oneself away from the computer when I've posted (as you and I both can attest)
  14. You love someone special almost as much as you love reading this here blogizzle and it is a tribute to your sense of duty that at times you tear yourself away from the computer to be with him/her/it
  15. It is Wednesday which means that at least Monday and Tuesday are done and we will never see those 2 dratted days again

Happy Wednesday Blogland!

1 comment:

katy said...

Another reason:

You didn't star in, write, direct, produce, or have anything to do with the movie, "All About Steve!"

Maria, you know what I mean!