Monday, September 14, 2009

tell me why...

Why does coffee taste better when I pay $1.25 and get it at the street cart (from the guy who tells me I have nice eyes) than when I make it myself or buy it at a gourmet cafe?

Why does my hair have a mind of its own?

Why do I remember to call people back when I'm in the middle of something already and then forget completely when I have free time?

Why is Monday part of the work week when it should so obviously be part of the weekend?

Why does ice cream taste best straight out of the carton?

Why do I remember some dreams so vividly but forget others even before I open my eyes?

Why do certain foods get caught in my teeth?

Why is Kanye West such an arse? And why didn't Taylor Swift show him her mean left hook?

Why don't I have a cool accent?

Why doesn't my chauffeur ever arrive in time?

Why doesn't Ryan Reynolds get the hint that I'm not interested (he is a married man after all; plus there is a line... obvi)?

Why can't the summer last forever? And why can't I spend all my time at an all-inclusive resort on a tropical beach?
Soooo... who can answer these oh-so-important life questions? I know I'm getting philosophical on you and it is only Monday morning, but this is what I have on my mind today, so you will just have to deal with it. What are you wondering?


Amber W. said...

I've asked myself some of those same questions and I wish I had answers. The "why" I'm pondering is why does my toenail polish stay impeccable while my fingernail polish chips the second I touch anything?

Uptown Girl said...

omg Amber- that is my plight in life!!
ok that is a tad too dramatic, but the nail polish chipping phenomenon leaves me with no choice but to use bold fun colors only on my toes and pale barely noticable colors on my fingernails.
Thank you for adding that to the list Amber- it is quite the connundrum (sp?).

rita said...

Right this minute I'm wondering why the girl who subbed for me yesterday while I was subbing for another secretary didn't bother to do any of TODAY's work and instead sat on her ass all day playing on the computer (unlike me, since we both know how hard I'm working) and left early because she was just, I don't know, an idiot.

That's the state of my mind today.

katy said...

Why is the best sleep right before the alarm rings? ....or after the alarm rings?