Monday, September 21, 2009

new 'do

Hair Weekend turned out to be fabulous! Liza dyed my hair on Friday after work... you will have to wait until I can get a picture on here to be surprised by the hue. Let's just say I looked very mod when we went to the 50s&60s dance party downtown.

On Saturday, I was pleasantly impressed by my stylist at Aveda. I'm in love with my new haircut. My stylist did exactly what I wanted her to do to my 'do and I left the salon barely able to recognize myself. Every time I see my reflection in the mirror (which happens to happen quite often) I do a double take and say to myself "self, are you wearing a wig? I like".

To top off my excitement surrounding my new look, I am also happy to announce that other New Yorkers followed suit in celebrating Hair Weekend... as I knew they would. Four friends that I saw on Saturday were either on their way to or returning from a hair appt. Okay so one of these friends was my sister Liza and we got our haircuts together, but she still counts as a follower since she has been copying me for circa 25 years. Although somewhere along the way I realized that my little sister's sense of style had surpassed my own and I bestowed upon her the honor of becoming my all-encompassing stylist (hair, make-up, clothing, bags, interior design, business cards.... et al). She takes it as the compliment that it so obviously is.

So, if Liza gets a chance she will send me the pics from our photoshoot and I will relieve the suspense you are feeling by displaying my glam headshot. But until then you will just have to wait and salivate.

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