Friday, September 18, 2009

Hair Weekend

Here comes the weekend. Will I miss being at my workplace for 2 whole days you ask? No. I will not.

To kick the weekend off right, I start tonight with my kickin Book Club mtg on the Upper Westside to discuss Sophie's Choice, after which we will go out to a 50s & 60s dance party downtown. Yes, I am venturing both crosstown and downtown in the very same night, I'm glad you picked up on that. It is hard to fathom isn't it?

Tomorrow I will practice being a Lady-who-Lunches so that I will be ready and highly skilled if when the opportunity to fill that role presents itself. How will I practice? I'll be meeting a couple of other girls for... wait for it... lunch.

I may dub this Hair Weekend, fyi. By the end of Hair Weekend, my hair will be dyed (by Liza, hairdresser to the stars) and cut into some new and soon to be determined 'do. Liza and I are both trying a new stylist at Aveda for our haircuts. It is a small tiny bitty bit scary to me. I loved my last stylist so much and trusted her for miles... until this hair-dye debacle. And after she basically blamed the problems on me, and knowing that the customer is always right, and being said customer, I decided it was time to move on. On to the unknown.
Brace yourselves bloggers. By the time you see me on Monday (virtually) I will be both rested and hopefully looking completely and unquestionably glam. That said, there is this off chance that I may be crying uncontrollably with a frightening mushroom bowl cut, blue hair, and a nose ring come next week. As per usual, time will tell. I hope you can contain your excitement this wknd, and if you simply cannot, feel free to leave me a zillion comments and blog about me. I'll understand.


Laura said...

I need a new hair do too! Urgh. I go to the hairdresser next friday, but it seems like every OTHER time I go I get a really nice haircut. followed by a not so nice one. This one should be the good one. I hope.

also thiking about growing it out-but then I end up in mom-ponytail land most days.


Laura said...

Ok, You have inspired a little poll on my blog...

And about the other night when I missed your call--WOW--Not an everyday thing, just so you know. I actually felt really bad. Sorry about condition...

Urban Mom said...

That's the beauty of hair -- it grows out. It's one of the few chances at a free "do over" that we get. Tattoos? "Obvi" to borrow your phrase. Piercings? Possibility of infection and/or scar tissue. Hair? With some time, you get to give it another shot.
Now... that said... when you've gotten a bad one (we've all been there), it's an inconsolable moment, isn't it? Many years ago, when Urban Dad was my Urban Boyfriend, some idiot gave me The Rachel (remember that one?). I have curly hair -- NO WAY I can do The Rachel. Once Future Urban Dad finally calmed me down, I walked across the room. And he popped off, "why is so short in the back????" My response was WAAHHHHHHHH all over again.


But it sounds like you will be getting a trained professional, plus you're going with a friend to cover your back (as in, back of your hair).

Looking forward to pix!

Lo the Unicorn said...

GOOD LUCK on that hair! I don't trust more than 2 people with my own hair...but I never really get it cut haha. I always say "Just a trim!". When I was little I always cried at the hair salon because I never wanted it cut! I guess I've always wanted it long ;)

Uptown Girl said...

Laura- I can't wait to see your cut, you better post a pic of your hot self!

Urban Mom- a bad haircut can def make a girl cry, why can't men know the right things to say (and NOT say) the way a woman knows??

Lo- I had long long hair for years, then cut it short last fall and it was SO liberating.