Wednesday, September 23, 2009

the wisdom of Gossip Girl

Thanks to my DVR, I got to watch this week's Gossip Girl episode last night. There was a line in this convo between Serena and Blair that jumped out at me and I said to myself, "self, that is not only sooo true, but it is also perfect for the blogizzle".
While recapping the bad experiences of her first week of college downtown at NYU Blair says to Serena, "The minute you cross 14th street, people forget there's a class system!"

Blair is an uptown girl and she is unaccustomed to travelling downtown. People don't tell you, but this is why passports are needed for crossing borders- as a reminder that you belong someplace else and will experience culture shock when you leave that someplace. Downtown and Uptown are a world apart. Well technically they are separated by the world of Midtown, but don't get me started on Midtown.

I feel ya uptown sister. True story. Truly. Trulio.


Liza said...


uhski said...

I love Gossip Girl with a passion and I am jealous that you get to experience NYC and I've never even been there... lame. As soon as a graduate I am going!!!

Uptown Girl said...

Liza- what?

uhski- NYC is a must!! just don't spend all your time in Times Square when you do make it here... in fact I will have to compile a list of 'must see' places, so let me know when u r coming!