Friday, October 2, 2009

its been lovely but I have to scream now

It is Friday afternoon and my brain is fried. Like that commercial about eggs and what they look like fried. My brain feels like fried eggs right now. Well done.

I am exaggerating a little bit (if you must know). I only have a few minutes left before I can leave this desk and this computer and this headset behind for the *weekend* and go see my nyc friends after work at happy hour. I say nyc friends to differentiate between groups: nyc friends, college friends, childhood friends, virtual blogger friends... imaginary friends, etc. You know. And sometimes the groups overlap.

But, back to my brain. Right now it feels like it might explode if it isn't set free from this headset that makes me look like a telephone operator out of "Lassie" and totally flattens my hair with a vengeance. Why do I wear it? Easy- so I don't get a crick in my neck from talking with the regular phone and so I can have two hands free for typing at all times. AKA- so I can blog as I wait on hold for hours talk on the phone.

On and off all day I've been speaking with the various representatives of Caremark Specialty Pharmacy about a case I started with them three weeks ago. These very nice people are driving me mad. I am so ready to forget about them and how useless they have been and how I will probably have to cancel a patient's appointment because I will not have the pt's medicine here in time to inject next week. You should keep in mind that Caremark Specialty Pharmacy has very irritating music playing while you hold. And they like making you hold. A lot.

I lied. There is one representative who is trying to help me. Her name is Charlotte. She even gave me her direct phone number. I want to bake cookies for Charlotte and bring them to her in whatever Southern state she works. Alas, even after Charlotte's hard work on my case, I still haven't made any headway on this problem today. None. I could scream.

I would really like to get this mug and keep it on my desk. Just looking at it makes me smile and cackle softly. And I imagine the mug will come filled with KitKats and M&Ms. I will buy it as a gift for myself one day soon.

Needless to say, my brain is looking forward to a long two days off. No more thinking. No more trying to remember things that I'd much rather forget. No more working! yippee!!

So, yay me. I made it thru my last bit of work and I'm officially free. God Bless America!

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rita said...

My husband used to have Caremark. Sucked the big one. Not that my stupid insurance is much better in that regard.